• Since the introduction of the XY=K suite of endpoints, developers using our API have been given the powers to build projects across our supported Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes). To make the experience even more easy for developers, we have added a new XY=K endpoint, GET XY=K Supported DEXes, which will make it easy for developers using our API to know the current number of supported endpoints and also see the swap fee for each DEX. Developers can also get the list of DEX names and chain ids to be used as XY=K endpoint parameters. The returned data includes: factory_contract_address and router_contract_address. Here is a demostration on replit.<data-accessibility>
  • Astar-Shiden Network is now fully indexed! Astar Blockchain is built with Parity‚Äôs substrate framework. Astar thus makes it possible to scale dApps built on Polkadot. This is because: The Polkadot Relaychain, by design, does not support smart contracts. Developers can leverage on the Covalent API to build dApps on Astar network information. Covalent API users can query ALL Class A endpoint and return Astar network data by setting chainID: 336. <multichain>

  • IoTeX Mainnet and Testnet launched! IoTeX is designed to be the backbone for Internet of Things (IoT) on the Blockchain. With IoTeX data now fully indexed by the Covalent API, developers can build a plethora of User facing (UI) dApps. IoTeX data can be queried using All Covalent Class A endpoints. IoTeX Mainnet chainID: 4689. IoTeX Testnet chainID: 4690. <multi-chain>


  • Given the amount of feedback from developers using the Covalent API, we have increased the number of of DEXES supported via the XY=K suite of endpoints. The newly added DEXES are: TraderJoe on Avalanche Mainnet. Standard on Astar-Shiden Network. ApeSwap_v2 on BSC Mainnet. <data-accessibility>


  • Fix Token Holders Pagination Issue-1322
  • Fix: Arbitrum Gas Currency Fix
Last modified: March 7, 2022: operator block (bcd13f8)