May 2021



  • Kovan Testnest now fully indexed. Kovan is a Proof of Authority (PoA) publicly accessible blockchain for Ethereum. ChainID 42 <multichain>

  • Primer - Added primer query parameters to API docs for All Class A endpoints. <data-accessibility>

  • Added quote-currency and format parameter to All Class A endpoints in OpenAPI. <data-accessibility>

  • Added “Chain metadata endpoint”. This endpoint returns All indexed Chains metadata information such as ChainID. <data-accessibility>

  • Added “Get all chain statuses”. This endpoint returns indexed Chains metadata information which include the latest “synced_block_height” and time of the latest Block sync “synced_blocked_signed_at”. <data-accessibility>

  • Added higher level block-height param for all transaction events. <data-accessibility>

  • Added Contract MetaData info to be returned on queries to Transaction Endpoint. <data-accessibility>

  • PancakeSwap - Added BNB as a fiat/quote_currency. Added new PancakeSwap endpoint for filtering by a token. Added 7-day volume fields in assets endpoint. Added new endpoint to calculate list of PancakeSwap exchange tokens. Added annualized fee field. <data-accessibility>

  • Added query param for secondary topics filtering. <data-accessibility>


  • Fix TokenBalanceService - Missing WETH on response. Issue-576

  • Fix - Avoid crawling the entire etherscan when requesting non-Ethereum ABI Issue-620

  • Fix TokenBalanceService Historical Portfolio returning negative balances Issue-612

  • Fix - Illegal Argument Exception on ENS Issue-662

  • Fix NFT whitespace in URLs Issue-682


Last modified: March 7, 2022: operator block (bcd13f8)