Network Operators

Critical to the Covalent Network are the Network Operators. These act as points of presence on the network that fulfil various duties necessary to enable a decentralized blockchain data indexing and querying model. Each operator is compensated in CQT for the work performed.

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Network Operators may function in one or all of the live network roles. The roles have very different operational requirements and duties. It is expected that node-operators will self-select into the subset of roles that best suit their capabilities.

Currently, whitelisted operators are only operating as Block-Specimen Producers. As the network is developed, this whitelist will expanded and over time, extinguished. Furthermore, as other roles beyond Block Specimen Producers are developed and go live, operators will be able to expand into those as well.

Operator Expectations

  • Reliable connection to the Covalent Network (low latency, high uptime)
  • Robust security practices and network architecture
  • Meet the staking parameters
  • Running latest Covalent Network Node software releases
  • Participation in governance (when applicable)

Staking Parameters

  • The minimum staking amount for an operator is 175,000 CQT.
  • There is an unbonding period of 180 days for operators. During this period, rewards cease to be added to the principal amount staked.
  • The fees which delegates pay to operators can be changed by the owner and has a minimum of 2%. It can be different for each operator as they ultimately control the fee.
  • There is a maximum ratio of delegated CQT to operator-staked CQT. The ratio can be changed by the contract owner (Covalent) and will be set to 10:1 at launch.

Running as an Operator

Find the hardware and software requirements for each respective operator role below as well as source code and further details.

As these are developed, more information will be provided.

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