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Use of Covalent API

Spirit Swap Overview is a web application, which allows users to manage a multi-chain wallet to be able to analyze a user’s portfolio without having to connect to all the user wallets manually. 1 interface => XXXXX wallets!.


The multi-chain wallet:

  • Displays all the NFT that the user owns across multiple chains.
  • Displays the list of his tokens.
  • The overview of the value of his wallets
  • The farming tokens and other features that are currently under construction.


Then the web application also displays various data from external DEX. Here the SpiritSwap DEX has been implemented. A user can access the data of the different SpiritSwap pools, the general statistics of spiritswap, the tokens, etc


All the data comes from the Covalent API which are called via CURL requests at each page load. Using a collection of endpoints:


The project was built at #OneMillionWallets - Fantom 2021



  • Quentin Gosset: Discord - @StuxR#3487
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