Crypto Trust


Crypto Trust



The worlds first fully automated yield earning trust fund platform powered by crypto.

Note from the Developers

Crypto trust allows anyone to make a trust fund on the blockchain. Simply choose a date for the funds to be released and an address to send them to and you’re off. Funds can be deposited to the fund at any time by anyone and earn yield over time. Once the appointed date is reached the funds will automatically be sent to the specified wallet.

This can be used in a wide variety of applications. The most obvious is setting up a trust fund for you or a loved one but trusts can also be made for paying freelance workers or even giving yourself diamond hands by locking up your funds for a period of time.



The project was built at EthGlobal - HackMoney 2021



  • Christian Bachik: Discord - @GageBachik#1337
  • Mikael Carpenter: Discord - @LumenGrave#8802
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