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Spirit View




Use of Covalent API

Spirit View is a fully functional web application that queries the Fantom network. The application retrieves all data for the top liquidity pools on the Decentralized Exchange SpiritSwap and computes the OHLC (also known as Open, High, Low, Close) for the price, counts the number of swaps, the volume and the liquidity for each individual pair.

The main features of the application are:

  • All data is displayed for each individual pair since it’s creation.
  • It allows the user to drag and drop the pair in order to compare them more easily. Drag and drop functionality can also be done using the keyboard keys.
  • It allows the user to view data in more granular details by providing different time intervals for each chart, such as: 1H, 2H, and on different scales, like: Linear, Logarithmic and Percentage.
  • The app is fully responsive and mobile friendly.

All data is provided by Covalent API and we used the below endpoints.



The project was built at #OneMillionWallets - Fantom 2021



  • Corina Pascu: Discord - @snowdot#8235
  • Samer Haidar: Discord - @GodSamix#6189
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