• Axie/Ronin Mainnet is now fully indexed! You can read more in the networks info page on our docs. Ronin is an Ethereum-linked sidechain made specifically for Axie Infinity. Axie was built as a fun and educational way to introduce the world to blockchain technology. Mainnet ChainID: 2020. <multichain>

  • To increase support for more developers and regions across the globe, we have added a list of new fiat currencies: NGN - Nigerian Naira, ARS - Argentina Pesos, AUD - Australian Dollars and CHF - Swiss Francs. <no-code>

  • We have added Moonriver data and return responses which include the gas-currency support for Moonriver which has MOVR as it’s fiat currency. Read more about Moonriver on Covalent. <multichain>

  • When NFTs are newly minted, they can be transferred from the originating address to another address in batches. Here is an example of batch transfer of NFTs on etherscan. We have built out the feature to track NFTs that undergo batch transfers. The response is parsed using TransferBatch to have the NFT in the Balances_v2 endpoint. Example <data-accessibility>

  • When a transfer event occurs, it is very helpful to the developer to return existing sender and log events signatures for every transaction. We have implemented a new feature: METHODrepsonse. The method response provides additional details on which transfer events were invoked. Defaults to true for transfer event. You can use the Get ERC20 token transfers to see the response. <data-accessibility>


  • Updated SpookySwap whitelist for XY=K endpoint.

  • To reduce the number of addresses that are blacklisted we have disabled automatic contract blacklisting and timeout-event on addresses with a large response object. To get data from such addresses, developers have to paginate the query.


  • Fix Mint event not decoded. Issue-1078

  • Fix automatic blacklisting upon timeout across all chains and endpoints. Issue-1100

  • Fixed Endblock invalid input to ensure that only numerals and not string can be parsed in a request.Issue-1100

  • Fix TransferService: Remove duplicate transactions bug on Palm Network. Issue-1121

  • Fix NFT Metadata issue where Cloudflare blocks scout from grabbing metadata via captcha. Cloudflare blocks our build with a captcha, we therefore have implemented the use of the recommended ipfs.io for as NFT Metadata gateway. Issue-1107

  • Fix offset in decoding array in ABI. Issue-1016

  • Fix contract not found in token holders bug for ERC1155 contracts. Issue-1125

Last modified: March 7, 2022: operator block (bcd13f8)